At Hike Lāna’i, it’s our job to reveal to you Lāna’i’s beauty and her secrets, step by beautiful step.

Hawai’i’s Lanai boasts majestic cliffs, lush valleys, a fertile hale, interesting rock formations and pristine beaches—yet it is one of the most unfamiliar and misunderstood of the islands. Grab a pair of running shoes and come hike the red dirt with us. Learn, laugh, live. Or as Lāna’ian Kepa Maly, our island’s wise scholar and anthropologist taught us to say, “Ola ka ‘aina, ola ke kanaka” (healthy land, healthy people).

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Not only will your hike take you to parts of Lanai that most tourists never get to see, your trip will help to preserve the very culture you’ll learn about.

For every individual who hikes with us, a donation is made to the Lāna’i Culture and Heritage Center. This is how we show respect and offer our mahalo to the good people there who safeguard our island’s heritage and continue to teach us all.

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Small and Unique

Hike Lāna’i offers small group, guided hikes that are fun, photo-worthy, and educational, sharing little-known facts and insights about the island’s rich and interesting culture and heritage along the way. For example, you’ll hear the legend of evil spirits that gave Lāna’i her name. Don’t worry—the unexpected hero in our story manages to trick the ghosts!

Professional Hiking Guides

The people of Hike Lana’i are so committed to humbly sharing our island’s story and its beauty that our professional hiking guides are taught and tested on key island culture, history, flora and fauna. Together, our hiking guides have logged hundreds upon hundreds of miles on this island and in the waters that surround Lanai.

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Leave No Trace

All of our Hike Lana’i guides, and our Hike Lana’i tours, practice the principles of “Leave No Trace”,  to ensure we preserve and protect the land for our keiki (children) and generations beyond.